walked ten flights in the desert with bedouins
touched toes with a prophet but afraid to get ahead of him
sometimes walk outs are the best medicine
or sit inside with a tapestry and some mescaline
you could be against it I’m just trying to be genuine
look in to the eyes of a feminine specimen
and tell me you don’t have to power sways seconds and swing the pendulum
tried to live 9-5 but couldn’t keep up with the regimen
wore a tie but couldn’t bother to tighten the noose
I write and create stories to live a thousand lives to brighten the blues
got aepe as a producer so we could enter the asylum in twos
too tired of listening to people too frightened to choose

I live the life of every man
walk the road with a heavy hand
I want to fly like peter pan
I killed the lie just to meet the man

Walked the path of eternity to be cursed with enlightenment
to see if i’ll die in the verse while i’m still writing this
spoke to god to get the sensation to heighten it
came back down to a spiteful fist
which is still better than a frightful lisp
enter the blank space
surrounded by stars
beautiful daughter filled grace
see if she’ll die old that’s not the case
eyelashes like magic
caught in a magic eight ball
carried goliaths on their shoulders to see half the weight fall
they stood and we passed the great walls
to see you turn in the apostles for puppeteer collossals
you wouldn’t even see it kid unless you followed the fossils
I see you waddle with look so carnal
turn a third eye to be turned to marble
enter apeshit into the matrix but can’t find the module

I live the life of every man
walk the road with a heavy hand
I want to fly like peter pan
I killed the lie just to meet the man

I’m the son of the sun but part one of the sum
feet planted solid in the ground but most definitely sky bound
pigeon holed into the art of lifting souls
I was the chosen one tokened up for the mission
of convincing Mt olympus when i was old enough
because I had the words to hold it up
hold up triangles in a sea so shallow
and we part it but people refuse to cross
because it takes two to tango
tired of living restless back thrown out
because I was too busy digging trenches
a moment of abestos work on breath control
cause we’ll still leave you breathless
cuz kids work on square tendencies
but we can’t test the discrepancies
So I’ll float to a moment of ecstasy
jump the boat to a river so heavenly
burn alive in flames and fall to tame
that’s my specialty

We live in an era of poetic depression
We are no longer human beings
we are humans being done
There’s no place left for people like me with a green thumb
planted seeds yesterday I thought today I could harvest the tree
Right now it seems like an easier task parting the sea
If only 100,000 militias could step up and help spartacus flee
I’d like to apologize to all those emotionally invested
didn’t know it would all explode before I started to wrestle it
Well at least I still write rhymes with my ballpoint pens we all need something to heed
in case you didn’t notice the smog the whole world’s pumping debris
Oh well it goes nicely with your somber tone
The best story I’ve ever heard i’ve heard via trombone
the kinda notes that lift you up and take you home
hide with my fellow nobodies ready to strike like pouncing panthers
We wanna bleed heaven like some shiny dancers
got a question for you to answer
please keep your hand down unless you got the cure for cancer
most people I meet carry too much luggage but none are fit to compete
never enjoyed meeting people cuz none are as interesting as my higher self
most only talk about escaping dreams and how to acquire wealth
I’d like to talk about how water destroys and fire helps
You just carve out footsteps where the buddha stood
and follow em like the stupid would
read too much of your shit
need time to look for cooler books
Or write some

This is my swan song
carved it out like mahogany in my diary
to one day read as a lullaby to my future daughter quietly
and I’ll be smiling as I drink her tears
tell her to bow down the creators hints are clear
yet tell her to never bow down to advance her career
The world might seem like a lonely place
unless you let go and live out your entire life like it’s the glory days
don’t know about you
but I wanna be happy when my story fades
Part the past cuz at the start I was at the spark before the mornings were made
Speaking of the start let’s bring it back
We live in an era of poetic depression
We are no longer human beings
we are humans being done
Instead I’d like to see humans being one
All I see is humans being shunned
and a couple of tops being spun
walking robots with your theories defunct
and your eyes grow weary as a result
hear me like an earthworm lodged in the heart of your skull
always knew the eternal mind was spotless
like tears from the lips of a goddess
caught in the vibrations a lisp in the nonsense
so subtle I can’t see why you let your dreams die
keep a locket close to your heart cuz I can tell you have the talent to free time
Cared too scared to free fly

Last time I said I saw the devil all my friends didn’t believe me
that’s when I stopped talking to people cuz I knew they wouldn’t hear me
stepped into the light that’s when to test the mic
People passed the bar and asked to set the height
Then the angels passed it back and took it to the clouds
I knew they’d get it right
from then on i knew I was in debt to life
this is target practice know if you sell your soul
you set the price
tell me about the last time your pastor showed you a way out
all I know is that last time I was transported to the safe house
people told me to invest in my future by being a slave now
but i’ll never sell the present for a puppet pastor shakedown
i’ll stay in these playgrounds until I shine like the essence
build up my shrine in the freshness
walked the path at the time was an apprentice
gave up a dime for transcendence
akhenaten said you intertwine then you mend it
you might think it’s sublime just to rhyme
as you define and analyze the shift in the paradigm
as the divine creeps up your spine
is this a line, a sign, or time to climb
throw yourself off cliffs
and swim in a sea of solace
cuz the fact is that most folk’s skies are starless or just

From the latest album, Victim of Love. Out now on Dunham/Daptone Records.

A cover Dudu Tassa and I made for an old egyptian love song by Farid El Atrash.

( its not a remix , all the instruments and vocals were recorded by Dudu Tassa, you can see some of it on my Instagram ).

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Smoove Operator is the debut single of brand new Lowtemp artist BRANX.

*featuring Russ Liquid on the keys.

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